Take a look at our plants:

 Five Planting Seasons

Easter,  Mother's Day, Spring & Summer,

Fall - Thanksgiving, Christmas




We grow our Easter plants for your gift giving, your home and your church. Happy Easter!


We also have primrose, azaleas, hyacinth, daffodils, mini daffodils, tulips, mums and calla lilies all in a wide variety of colors and sizes.







Flowering Hanging Baskets of Rieger Begonias,

Fuschia, Ivy Geraniums,

Petunias, Combinations

New Guniea Impatiens

Flowering Hanging Baskets:





Summer Vegetable Planter:


Great for patio vegetables such as carrots, peppers, tomatoes, etc.  Also, very easy to fold up and store for the winter.

Plantings at The  Pearl Street Grill                    & The Buffalo River Works






Custom Mixed Grass Seed

We have the best grass seed for your lawn, whether it's in the sun or shade. Our seed is all perennial and blended for this area.

Ask about our specialty seeds, such as clover, buck wheat, winter rye, crown vetch, wildlife and pasture mixes.

Keep your lawn healthy with our selection nationally known lawn care products and fertilizers.

Having trouble getting a lawn started or keeping it weed free? We are happy to help, just stop by.

Quality Bagged Mulches & Soils:

Mulch from black to natural, to brown or red, from finely ground to large nuggets. Just pick one you like and we will help you load it. Always quantity discounted prices.

Landscaping Stone:

White Marble Chips, Lava Rock, Sand Pebbles, River Pebbles, Pond Rock, Brick Chips.

Please ask us about fertilizer, fungicides, and insecticides for your home and garden. Feel free to stop by with your questions. Bring a sample of your plant problem and our staff of Horticulturalists will be happy to help.
Advice is free!