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Large full plants many varieties

  1gal pot  

only $22.99 ea.

Lots of SALES going on!  
Nursery Stock & Rose Bushes 25% OFF,
Ground cover plants – Pachysandra $18.00 flat

Yes, we are open. Do not pay attention to Face Book or other sites that I cannot keep up with!  They change things on their own.  Also, Bella Terra Greenhouse is still in the same place as it has been for 48 years, in Angola New York no matter where Goggle Maps puts us sometimes.    Caryl 


A blend of Composted Woodchips, Leaves & Topsoil – wonderful – to breakup clay soil, add structure to sandy soil, planting trees & shrubs, add to your garden, build raised gardens or filling LARGE CONTAINERS.
  20qt bucket self-service Bring your own container $2.50.

$35.00 per cu yd

I will load your open truck or open trailer. Call for an appointment for loading. 



Celebrating 48 years serving you, our customer.

 3/15/1974 to 3/15/2022

Seed starting supplies – soils, Heat Mats, Peat Pellets, Pots, Plastic Trays and Inserts.  Free Seed Starting Schedule and Information.

IT’S Time For:

GRASS SEED, Crab Grass Preventer, All season Oil Spray

MULCH  (All of our mulch is a bi product of forestry NOT demolition disposal) 

 Hardwood: Black, Brown, or Red

Pine Bark:   Mulch, Chips or Nuggets


Fafard Soils:

           Topsoil (for planting, topdressing, grass seeding)

           Planting Mix (for planting in or on the ground, raised beds)

          Container Mix (for pots, hanging baskets, containers above ground)

FoxFarm Soils:             Indoor & Outdoor Plants

Happy Frog,       Ocean Forest,       Strawberry Fields,        



or Foliage Dish Garden

Great Gift / Keep One for Yourself!

String of Pearls, String of Hearts, Swedish Ivy


We recommend Schultz Liquid Drops Plant food


Schultz Water Soluble Powder Plant Food.

Repot with Espoma Cactus Soil, African Violet Soil, Orchid Mix

or all-Purpose Organic Potting Mix.


               Happy Frog 2cuft bag      $19.99              

Strawberry Fields 1 1/2cuft $19.99 

 Ocean Forest 1 1/2cuft    $19.99

Fertilizer – Fox Farm 

      Big Bloom, Gro Big, Tiger Bloom   

IT’s Time to root cuttings –

Olivia’s Rooting Gel 

Attract Songbirds

It’s Spring, they are feeding heavily now, enjoy.

Suet Cakes $1.49 Buy 12 or more

BLUE SEAL’S Nature’s Choice

Wild Bird Seed Blend,

Fresh, No Fillers, No Waste.

Nature’s Choice – greatest variety of seeds

20lb reusable bag $17.49.

Concerto – NO corn blend

Song Maker – most economical blend 

 Wild Bird, Dog & Kat, Horse, Poultry & Livestock Food. 

    We are your local Blue Seal Feed Dealer supplying you with consistent Quality Fresh food. 

 Clean baled shavings.

Suet Cakes $1.49 Buy 12 or more

House Plants

      Our Staff of Horticulturist, Gardeners, and Feed Specialist are here to help you answer your questions.


Bella Terra Greenhouse Gift Cards   

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Yes we grow

 the flowers at

The Pearl Street Grill


The River Works!


Since 1974, 48 years of growing for you!

Welcome to:

8607 North Main St.
Angola NY 14006

Phone/Fax: (716) 549-2014

Owned & operated by Caryl Ashley Youngers
Since March 15th, 1974

Bella Terra is Latin, the official language of Horticulture,
translated into English, it means “Beautiful Earth.”

Front Garden:

Bella Terra’s greenhouses have brought vegetable and flowering plants to the public since 1906
Spring Flowering Annuals:

Planter Bowl:

Caryl’s Vegetable Garden:



1995 International 4900


32000 lb gross.

Insulated box truck

173,000 miles

Runs great always has

6 speed Splicer transmission.

Price Reduced to sell $6500.00      Make Offer!

Bella Terra Greenhouse