Now after 50 SEASONS!

Bella Terra Greenhouse is closed.

 It is time for me to retire. I thank you, my customers for your support and your friendship.   I thank Nancy for 41 years of bringing our customers the best of friendly service with her eagerness to share sound gardening advise. I thank Jackie for 39 years of stepping up to the challenges of growing all the plants that you have enjoyed, for bookkeeping, for designing advertising and always keeping you our customer first.  Both of them have been my left and right hands over the years, I could not of served you without them.   I also thank my employees. Over the years I have had many employees, a number of from the same family, even of different generations. . Thank you; all the people who helped me get started, friends, my Aunt and Uncle, my Father in Law, my Mom & Dad, Candy and our two sons Jason & Adam, Jackie and our two kids Ryan & Rachel. I thank my family for enduring these years. Self-employment is hard on family; they missed a lot. 

I will miss serving you, seeing you and talking with you.

Sincerely.     Thank You.


 Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for all the well wishes. So many of you came in to say Goodbye.  

I will miss you too. 

Thank You & Goodbye,


Bella Terra Greenhouse is closed. Celebrating 49 years serving you,

our customer since 3/15/1974. 

      Our Staff of Horticulturist have been here to help you, to answer your questions for

50 Seasons.  

        My garden

Yes we grew

 flowers for

The Pearl Street Grill


The River Works!

And for you.

Since 1974, 49 years of growing for you!

Thank You from

8607 North Main St.
Angola NY 14006

Phone/Fax: (716) 549-2014

Owned by Caryl Ashley Youngers
Since March 15th,1974 thru July 22,2023 

Bella Terra is Latin, the official language of Horticulture,
translated into English, it means “Beautiful Earth.”

Front Garden:

Bella Terra’s greenhouses have brought vegetable and flowering plants to the public since 1906

Caryl’s Vegetable Garden:


Bella Terra Greenhouse