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45 mil Rubber Pond Liner

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Water Gardens – Ponds     – Liners – PumpsOur demo pond shortly after we completed construction.

  • CHOOSE a level site in an open location, preferably where it can be easily viewed from inside the house and your patio. The area around your pond can have elevation changes to make your gardens more interesting. You can terrace your garden to create level areas for your ponds with the differences in elevation used by water falls and streams.
  • Don’t create a pond in a frost pocket or a very exposed area. Frost pockets are low areas that trap cold settling air; a valley, between two buildings with one end closed usually perpendicular to the prevailing wind. Areas exposed to strong winds are not the most favorable. They can be planted or buffered by fencing creating a microclimate.
  • KEEP IT AWAY from over hanging trees – falling leaves will rot in the pond and the roots may puncture the liner. Yes, but – some the most beautiful ponds and gardens are in the shade of trees. There are a few things that you need to do to use this tree-shaded area. Digging your pond shape keep in mind that the tree has roots and that they will continue to grow. Work around the tree area; avoid the most of the roots not to injury the growing tree. Dig a trench 24 to 30 inches deep on the outside of the garden site or between the tree and the pond. Inventory the number of roots; decide if cutting back all roots present will effect the tree’s health. Watering the garden will encourage the tree roots to grow in you new garden. Will this garden be taken over by roots if I start gardening around this pond? NO! By digging the trench and not planting much in it except annuals or perennials that you divide you can re-dig the trench cutting back new roots before they enter your garden A liner place under your pond will further protect your pond. Leaves, seeds, twigs etc. in your pond will make it dirty. A skimmer much like a swimming pool skimmer will keep the surface of the water clean hence the full depth cleaner. There are also nets that you can put over your pond in the peak “fall” season. Don’t give up on this location because of the trees. Shade keeps your pond cooler, fewer algae will grow, and shade gardening offers you the opportunity to grow different plants. Water lilies will flower in the shade if you feed them.
  • Keep in mind that you maybe able to enhance you view with the reflection on the water.
  • Water and electricity need to be placed close at hand.
  • Lay a length of garden hose in the shape and size of your pond, look at it for a few days make adjustments.
  • The next issue Flexible liner or ridged pond?

Our demo pond shortly after we completed construction.

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